Oenobiol Appetite moderator contains Konjac glucomannan, which helps you lose weight as part of a calorie-controlled diet.
A plant-derived active ingredient, glucomannan comes from the Konjac root, traditionally used in Asian cuisine. A water-soluble fibre, it has the ability to absorb water to fill up space in the stomach before a meal. It therefore also provides a feeling of fullness in the stomach.
As a result, fucus increases the sensation of feeling full up. Fucus is a brown alga that transforms into a gel when it comes into contact with gastric juices, increasing in size in the stomach, which leads to the sensation of feeling full up.

Who is it for?

For people looking to reduce their appetite and lose weight. For adults only


2 capsules, 3 times per day, to be taken 30 minutes before main meals.

What are the results?

Oenobiol Appetite moderator helps you to:
1. Increase the sensation of feeling full up, due to fucus
2. Lose weight as part of a calorie-controlled diet, due to the Konjac glucomannan

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This ingredient derived from konjac root is a dietary fibre which, when in contact with a liquid, is capable of absorbing up to 100 times its own volume in water, taking up space within the stomach so you feel fuller faster.

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Fucus is a brown alga found in cold oceans and seas. It is rich in fibre and helps increase the feeling of satiety.

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2 capsules, 3 times per day, to be taken 30 minutes before main meals.
To be stored in a cool, dry place.

Not suitable for people who have difficulty swallowing. Must be consumed with a large quantity of water. Do not break open the capsule before swallowing. As the fucus-based Oenobiol Appetite Moderator capsule contains iodine (150 μg), it is recommended that people with thyroid issues ask their doctors for advice before taking this product.


Nutritional supplement to be used as part of a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle; keep out of reach of children. If you are receiving medical treatment, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, seek advice from your doctor before taking a nutritional supplement. It is recommended to keep to the stated daily dose.



Konjac glucomannan (Amorphophallus konjac K. Koch), coating agent (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose), extract of wrack thallus (Fucus vesiculosus L.), anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate).


Nutritional composition for 6 capsules

Fucus extract: 288 mg
Konjac Glucomannan: 3 g

Mechanism of action
Glucomannan and fucus have the ability to absorb vast amounts of water; in the stomach their volume increases, which results in the effect of feeling full up.


Reference scientific studies* demonstrate the effect of Konjac glucomannan in weight-loss as part of a calorie-controlled diet, with a daily intake of at least 3 grams.
(2 Oenobiol Appetite moderator capsules = 1 g of Konjac glucomannan, which is 3 g/day for 6 capsules)
It was shown** that fucus alginates transform into a gel when they come into contact with gastric juices:
• Increases in size in the stomach
• Physical phenomenon leading to a sensation of feeling full up

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