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At the heart of Oenobiol Paris is a woman: Marie Béjot

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Oenobiol is a brand created from the medical knowledge of Marie Béjot, the founder of Oenobiol.
The daughter and granddaughter of a doctor, nutritionist Marie Béjot grew up in Africa and inherited from her botanist father an interest in nature and medicinal plants. She grew up in a family where food played an integral part in preventing illness. It is this vision that has been the guiding force over the years, and drove her towards studying medicine.
She began her medical training in Dakar and completed her studies in Paris with a diploma in nutrition physiology and diet therapy.

In 1978, Marie Béjot opened her first medical beauty facility in Paris, dedicated to ageing and weight issues. Her medical training had given her an awareness of the importance of nutrition, and she systematically suggested a nutritional plan to improve the effectiveness of her treatments.


With a foundation in nutrition, and with the help of her husband, she launched her business to develop and market the first nutritional supplements in France. In 1985, she launched the Oenobiol brand, with her first fatty acid-based moisturising product.

A French success story: Oenobiol Solaire is the brand’s leading product


In 1989, inspired by her patients’ experiences, Marie Béjot launched an innovative concept: a self-tan supplement that does not colour the skin, but helps to protect it and provide a better tan. Oenobiol Solaire has been the subject of extensive research and numerous clinical studies. Today, Oenobiol Solaire products are the market’s leading beauty tanning supplements in France. And undeniably the Brand’s flagship range.