Index of our ingredients.


"Oenobiol extracts the best active ingredients nature has to offer, to develop its product formulas and enhance the beauty in everyone."


A water-soluble vitamin, it maintains the thickness of the capillary and helps stimulate hair growth. It is present in dry yeast, liver, kidney, egg (yolk), mushrooms, beans and lentils.


Blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) helps to rejuvenate the microcirculation of blood in the scalp and thus provides the hair with the blood supply it needs.


The fruit from the carob tree, has a brown, flat pod. The pulp, contained in the seeds, has the ability to swell in the stomach, making you feel full up.


An essential trace element, chromium regulates and helps to maintain normal blood-sugar levels.


Chitosan forms a complex in the stomach, which binds dietary fat and limits its absorption. This complex is insoluble (not digested or absorbed) and is eliminated naturally.


An ingredient from a natural source: safflower dye. CLA can also be found in milk and red meat.


The structure of the hair is largely made up of keratin, which gives it its strength. It is a molecule made up of a chain of 18 amino acids, including cystine.


Fucus is a brown alga that is found in cold seas. It is rich in fibres and helps to increase the sensation of feeling full up.

Grape seed

Used for their high polyphenol content (catechins and epicatechins), our grapes come from the soils of the Champagne-Ardenne region.

Green tea

Green tea has been used for centuries for its health benefits. The leaves contain caffeine, which increases the metabolism and the oxidation of fats. Green tea helps to combat weight gain and promotes the elimination of water through the kidneys.


Guarana is a plant found in the Amazon, the seeds of which have a high caffeine content. A real metabolism booster, it increases fat burning by increasing thermogenesis. Guarana contributes to weight loss.

Gymnema Sylvestre

In India, where it has been used for many years, it is also called gurmar, which literally means “that which destroys sugar”. One of the properties of Gymnema leaves is their capacity to neutralise sweetness.

Konjac glucomannan

This plant-derived active ingredient from the konjac root is a dietary fibre, which in the presence of liquid, absorbs up to 100 times its own volume in water, taking up space in the stomach and resulting in the sensation of feeling full up.


Lycopene is an oleoresin derived from tomato pulp, which comes from a unique variety, cultivated in farms in Israel and California. After picking, the tomatoes are washed and peeled to eliminate all external sources of contamination.


Marigold, also called the India Rose, is a plant that originates from South America. The product is known for its lutein content. The extract used in Oenobiol Sun Care products is from the orangey-yellow petals of flowers, which are particularly rich in pigments.


The melons that we have selected are from a French variety (Cucumis melo L.). Melon pulp is used to obtain an extract that is rich in SOD (Superoxide Dismutase). The patented extraction method is natural and environmentally sound.


A herbaceous perennial plant, its leaf is used to help reduce the feeling of bloating.

Pumpkin seed oil

From the gourd family, the pumpkin originates from Mexico, appearing in Europe in the 16th century. It contains oleaginous seeds, from which the natural ingredient pumpkin seed oil is extracted (5 alpha-reductol®).

Rapeseed oil

Contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, which help to combat the oxidative stress of cells.

Red vine

Rich in polyphenols, the red vine helps stop legs feeling heavy.

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 is a water-soluble vitamin, also known as riboflavin. It is involved in numerous metabolic pathways, plays a role in maintaining normal skin and protects cells against oxidative stress.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. It is found in numerous fruits (orange, kiwi, mango), and vegetables (red pepper, broccoli). The product is well known for helping to reduce tiredness. But it also has other benefits. The product contributes to the normal formation of collagen and protects cells from oxidative stress.


Wakame, which contains fucoxanthin, is a brown alga originally from Asia, which is also found in the cold and temperate waters of Brittany and Spain. Wakame is widely recognised and studied for its fat-burning properties. It plays a part in metabolising fats, helping with weight management.