Oenobiol, 30 years of beauty and nutrition expertise


Oenobiol, 30 years of beauty and nutrition expertise
A pioneering brand in nutritional supplements, Oenobiol has been providing innovative, high quality solutions inspired by nature for 30 years.

Oenobiol’s formulas are the result of scientific research and meet everyone’s needs for visible beauty results.


Oenobiol is very meticulous about the quality and safety of its active ingredients:
– Ingredients are selected in response to identified needs
– Formulas are updated by experts in their field
– Products are manufactured in accordance with strict pharmaceutical standards, which guarantee they are fully traceable and comply with European regulations
– The effectiveness of the formulas is evaluated through scientific and consumer studies.


Oenobiol is therefore continuing the health and beauty traditions it inherited from Marie Béjot, by developing innovative and effective products, backed-up by evidence (tests, clinical studies, mechanisms of action and results etc.).
Finally, Oenobiol shares its expertise by demonstrating knowledge of its products by explaining the ingredients, their origins and their action in the body.


Oenobiol: cutting-edge science revolutionising the beauty of women


Pioneering beauty through nutrition, Oenobiol needed to diversify to meet the beauty needs of women in all stages of their life: for hair, skin, sun care and slimming.
At the forefront of innovation, Oenobiol always provides the best science and nutrition has to offer, with high performing, plant-derived solutions, alongside suitable nutritional advice for a radiant beauty, bursting with health.
Cutting-edge science revolutionising the beauty and glamour of women.

Oenobiol currently has 23 products, split into 4 ranges:
• Slimming
• Sun care
• Hair
• Skin and eyes